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Wanda Heyman
3514 W. Twp. Rd. 152
Tiffin, Ohio 44883-9322
Buckeye Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

(Active rescuer, foster home, transport, home visits. We are a small group of BC enthusiasts in Ohio who dedicate our efforts to helping BCs in need. We look for anything from companion homes to performance homes.)

Aimee Brown
3305 Smoky Mountain Drive
Lexington, KY 40515
Phone = (859) 272-4070
Email : Bluegrass Border Collie Rescue

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits.)

Jennifer Fitzwater
11518 Peery St.
Independence, MO 64054
Phone = (816) 833-3801
Email :
Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising, Other Services. I currently am looking for more foster homes (we haven't had time for fund raising just yet!) We are a new organization taking the place of Heartland BC Rescue that went dormant early last year. We're a small group of people (but growing fast) centered in KC and our goal is to place the Border Collies that we rescue into appropriate, loving homes. )

John K Wentz Jr.
P.O. Box 483
Portage, WI 53901
Phone = (608) 770-5598

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Transport. Assisting Border Collies any way I can.)

Sharon Glazer
2657 Emmons
Rochester Hills, MI  48307
Phone number = (248) 853-3488
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Fundraising. There doesn't seem to be anyone in MI connected with rescue and foster homes for BCs.  Adopted a BC two years ago and love him.  Two adults in home, no children.  Our dog has very, very, large yard, lots of love, and daily outings in parks.  Recognize their need for lots of attention and exercise.  We can give a BC lots of love, attention and exercise.  Will foster dogs in MI until we can find them appropriate homes.  There is still a lot of farm land in MI and people are buying BCs in MI as house pets who live in the city.  I know there has to be BCs adopted as city dogs and then the owners find they "can't handle them".  If you or know someone who has bought a BC and found them to be too much in the city, please contact me.  We will keep them and find them a good home in the country.)

Lisa Benci
5700 Raisin Center Hwy.
Tecumseh, MI. 49286
(South Eastern Michigan)
Phone number = (517) 423-7010
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Transport. Behavior problem modifications. Training, socialization, and placement help. I live in the country on 8 acres, we have a horse farm with a large indoor arena (which is great for winter exercise). I have two Australian Cattledogs and two Border Collies, five horses plus boarders, one Amazon parrot and three barn cats. Please visit my home page for more info.

Lisa Ochoa
905 E Fairlawn
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone number = (217) 367-2594
Email address :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport. I am the local person everyone calls when BCs are in trouble. The shelter calls me when they're turned in, and I collect them and either foster them myself or arrange foster care till they are adopted.  I call all the "free BC" ads which appear in the paper, and either collect the dog myself or help them determine the most appropriate placement.  I collect information on local people looking for BCs, then match them to dogs that come in (or direct them to a more appropriate breed, if necessary).  I take calls from people having difficulties with their BCs, and help them work through the problems, going for a personal view of the situation if necessary.  I have a few people who help out with fostering or checking out potential homes, and I make sure they have everything they need to do this work.)

Donna Macauley
29376 Roan Dr.
Warren, MI 48093
Phone number = (810) 751-7894
Email address :

(Support Staff, Fundraising.)

Delana Rich
491 NW 171
Warrensburg,MO 64093
Phone number = (660) 747-2251
Email address :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home)
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