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Terri Florentino
RR#1 Box 1795
Lake Ariel, PA 18436
Phone number = (570) 840-9501
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Transport, Home Visits, Support Staff, Fundraising, Other. I will actively foster, evaluate, and obedience train. I am qualified to address and help to modify behavioral issues. When training is complete, place accordingly.

Sharon Martin
35 Mid Oaks Street
Monroe, NY 10950
Phone number = (845) 783-9012
Email :

(Foster Home, Emergency Housing, Transport, Home Visits, Special Events.)

Nick Burkholder
1007 North York Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Phone number = (215) 659-2165 or (215) 659-2554 (FAX)
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Transport.)

Lillie Goodrich
Border Collie Rescue @Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Road
Morris, NY 13808
Phone number = (607) 263-5415
Email :
Web site:

(Active Rescuer, Home Visits, Transport. Located an hour south of Albany, fostering 14 dogs onsite, priority on border collies and then, border collie mixes, beginning May, 2001. Covering New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the Northeast. Will consider dogs from outside of the Northeast, case by case. Will accept owner relinquished dogs as well as those from pounds, all evaluated first. All dogs receive vet care, training and are rehabilitated behaviorially, as needed. Donations are accepted for the rescue program as well as The Sacred Sanctuary, a 'retirement' home for dogs whose guardians have died or can no longer care for them. These dogs live their life at Glen Highland Farm. Also, conduct Camp Border Collie & Friends, a 6 day summer vacation camp with agility, obedience, sheep herding, clicker training, animal communication, T-touch programs with proceeds going to fund the rescue efforts.)

Stephanie Pressler
Borderline Border Collie Rescue
Blue Point Farm Rileyville, VA 22650
Phone number = (540) 743-2606
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport). Borderline Border Collie Rescue is in the Shenandoah Valley in Central Virginia.

Jan Ziff
1425 Hopkins Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone number = (202) 296-2022
Email :

(Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff.)

Deanna Koziol
2627 Linwood Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15214
Phone number = (412) 322-8743
Email :
NABCRN Rescuer

(Will take in one rescue at a time for full evaluation and placement. Will foster for short term, under 1 week and will transport short distance, up to 100 miles. Help with placements in my area as a training reference person.)

Cynthia Kean
5816 Bear Ridge Rd.
Lockport, NY 14094
Phone number = (716) 433-8600
NABCRN & BCR(O) Rescuer

(Active Rescuer, Fundraising. Cynthia does full rescue: vet care including spay/neuters; rescue socialization; basic training; home evaluations & post adoption follow ups. Accepts donations from relinquishers and adopters.)

Wendy Luther
750 Central Ave
Sykesville, MD 21784
Phone number = (410) 795-7603 (home) or (410) 955-0053 (work)
Email :
(Would like to become involved as Foster Home, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising)

Bob Gallagher
124 High Hill Road
Wallingford CT. 06492
Phone number = (203) 269-2360
Email :
NABCRN & BCR(O) Rescuer
(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising. Full rescue services. Basic obedience training, socializing. Appropriate vet care if necessary. Evaluation of BC's and potential adopters. Referrals to other rescuers and adopters. Consultations and advice on behavior problems.)

Gail LaBonte
10 Grandview Ave.
Granby, MA. 01033
Phone number = (413) 467-9342

(Active Rescuer)

Beverly S. Vautrinot
Chesapeake, Virginia (east coast)
Phone number = (757) 545-3715

(Foster Care. I can only take in one at a time, but wouldn't mind helping out as much as I can.)

Jalyn White
42 Bidwell Avenue
East Hartford, CT 06108
Phone number = (860) 289-4807
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Transport, Fundraising and Support Staff. Basic obedience and anything necessary.)

Kari Koss
HC 33 Box 56
Georgetown, ME 04548
Phone number = (207) 371-9214
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising. Individual rescue contact for state of Maine. Will foster, transport, and help with adoptions. Also willing to help current Border Collie owners who are having a problem with their dog so that they may keep it in the home. Also willing to discuss Border Collie ownership with perspective owners. All long distance phone calls will be returned collect to perspective adopters and owners.)

Leslie Benway
38 Milton Court
Portchester, NY 10573
Phone number = (914) 939-6197 or (631) 298-4106

(Foster Home, Home Visits.)

Robert Fishman
PO Box 158
Exeter, RI 02822
Phone number = (401) 397 7316
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff.)

Valerie Watt
80 Gilead St
Hebron, CT 06248
Phone number = (860) 228-4880
Volunteer for Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising. Member of NEBCA and can also do basic obedience training. I am a volunteer for Border Collie Rescue.  Just ask and I will help with anything I possibly can.)

Linda Centurelli
2545 County Line Road
Watkins Glen, NY  14891
Phone number = (607) 535-6695
Email :

(Home Visits, Transport)

Darby Lewes
Lycoming College
English Department
Williamsport PA 17701
Phone number = (717) 321-4114
Email :
BCR Ohio

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Transport. We rescue local purebred BCs (up to 300 miles) from pounds, shelters, barns, culverts, or wherever we happen to find them.  Foster dogs kept in the house in a family environment with five other BCs.  We housebreak, innoculate, obedience train, neuter as necessary and able (no outside funding).)

Theresa Dougherty
5 Kings Court
Warwick, NY  10990
Phone number = (914) 986-4088
Email :

(Active Rescuer)

Kate Menken
19 Wisner Road
Warwick, NY  10990
Phone number = 1-800-750-0710
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff. In addition to owning a Border Collie I raise chickens, sheep, have a cat and have a home-based business of teaching weaving and spinning and I have owned Border Collies since 1984.)

Sandi Pack
5380 Subbera Road
Lockport, NY 14094
Phone number = (716) 433-5332
Email :
(Foster Home. Worked for 3 years with Adopt a Pet but after getting my Border Collie from the rescue I decided to become a part of BCR as foster home.)

Michael Spangler
109 Hutchinson Road.
West Newton, PA 15089
Phone number = (724) 872-2565
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff. Will provide short term fostering up to 1 week. Will provide veterinary care for fostered Border Collies. Willing to transport within a 200 mile radius of my home. Willing to do whatever is needed.)

Jen Grace
857 Quincy Shore Drive
Quincy, MA 02170
Phone number = (617) 479-3129
Email :

(Active Rescuer, Home Visits, Transport. I can foster one dog at a time. I can also do DTP/Web Page design to help rescue organizations.)

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