Thank you for considering a dog from Border Collie Rescue. 

Adopting a dog from Border Collie Rescue is not simply a matter of picking out a dog, paying your fee, and walking away with the dog - like it can be at many shelters. We try to match people and their requirements as well as the requirements of the dog (eg. needs an active home, needs a job, can't be around kids, etc.). This helps prevent dogs from coming right back to us because it was an inappropriate match. We try to get it right the first time, so the process is a bit longer and a lot more demanding. Individual rescuers and owners giving up their dogs may not follow the same procedures, so buyer beware.


Fill out the adoption application. In order to better facilitate the adoption of a proper dog for your situation, we will have to know far more about your home environment and what you require in a dog than a simple two-line request by email.  The best way to accomplish this is to fill out the application, sign it and mail it in. After your application has been received, you should expect to be contacted by a rescue representative to discuss the next step.

Secondarily, we would also suggest taking a look at the dogs available for adoption listed on our web pages (Border Collies available for adoption) and see if any of them strike your fancy and then contact the person in charge of that dog directly. Most rescuers will still require the next steps but at least you can establish contact with them early on in the process. It may be readily apparent that the dog would not be appropriate for your family or the dog may already be adopted.


If you find an appropriate match, then it's just a matter of working out the logistics of transport. If you are local (or don't mind driving long distances), then you can come to the facility to pick up the dog in person. If not, the dog must be transported to you via the airlines or by way of a sort of "doggie Underground Railroad". The latter option requires lots of planning, lots of luck, and lots of patience, as many different schedules need to be organized and "legs" of the trip all have to come together. Sometimes a volunteer might just be headed out your way or someone we know is going on vacation in that direction and doesn't mind taking a dog along. Either way, it is uncommon to transport dogs in this manner.

However, we regularly ship dogs via the airlines. The added expense of shipping is borne by the adopter, which can add another $200-$300 in costs (above and beyond the $150 adoption fee). The best way to ship a dog is counter-to-counter. Air prices are something like $167 dollars for dogs and crates under 50 lbs. $217 for 50-70 lbs. and $287 for 70lbs+ with USAir. Other carriers can be a bit more, depending on several factors. If we ship the dogs cargo instead of counter-to-counter the rates drop by about $30-40 a dog. Shipping is the same cost no matter where you are, so location is irrelevant to the decision. You can ship a dog from Washington state, 2,000 miles away for the same price as one from Orlando, 200 miles away. Go figure. We try to arrange direct flights for the dogs but often there isn't one so they are shipped counter-to-counter and we've had no problems to date.

One Final Note

It is important that you keep up with the adoption process and continue to push the process along. We cannot hold your hand through each and every step and we deal with far too many applicants to effectively coordinate all their necessary steps. Do not let yourself fall through the cracks. It is up to you to keep the ball rolling and don't be afraid to call to check on the status of things. Don't be annoying but do try to check in every once in awhile. We, as well as many smaller independent rescuers, can get overwhelmed with the workload from time to time and it is easy to overlook someone that might just be the perfect adoptive family.

Good luck in your search for a dog.


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