[Dear Annie]

To celebrate 1994 as the Year of the Dog, Director and volunteer dog walker, Lucie Tomson, has asked her dog, Annie, to help out with canine concerns. Annie, a border collie, does her best to help her fellow dogs with their questions.

Annie's picture Dear Annie:
I feel so sorry for my owners. When I get that incredible urge to roll in really stinky stuff, you should see their faces when they let me back inside. They end up pulling out the tomato juice and toothpaste to clean me up. They make such a fuss, but it's great because they drop everything they are doing and spend all this time taking care of me. Isn't it about time we let them in on our little secret?

Dear Stinky:

Absolutely not. Our humans have figured out just about everything to do with canine behaviour. We used to be able to get away with a lot in the past. Now, there are all those dog trainers, dog behaviour specialists, and there are scads of books out there that have all our quirks figured out and with detailed instructions on how to change us to fit into their world! We have to keep the mystery in our relationship, and this is about the only one they have not figured out yet. They have some pretty good guesses, but nothing concrete. Keep rolling out that canine cologne. Remember: it's not just for your fun...but a step for dog kind.

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