[Dear Annie]

To celebrate 1994 as the Year of the Dog, Director and volunteer dog walker, Lucie Tomson, has asked her dog, Annie, to help out with canine concerns. Annie, a border collie, does her best to help her fellow dogs with their questions.

Annie's picture Dear Annie:
Why do you roll in disgusting things at 6:00 a.m. -- just before I am to leave for work? Why do you only jump on the company wearing light- coloured clothes? Why do you stare at people who do not like dogs? Why do you bark only at people with canes or in wheelchairs? Why do you suddenly forget your tricks in front of company? Why do you burp in my face? Why do you throw up on the carpet and not the tile floor? Why do you bark hysterically and jump around the car when we turn into our subdivision? Why do you like to lick the inside of my shoes until they are soggy? Why do you wake me up with a frisbee in my face?

Dear Lucie:
Dogs have a sense of humour, too!!!

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