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Recipe for a sleepful night

Take one Border Collie owner, one dog of the black and white variety (other color substitutions will do), a behavior problem, and let simmer for several days and what do you have?.... A Border Collie nightmare... a recipe for disaster, that's what.

If you're at your wit's end about what to do with your "problem child" (furry kind only please), here's a recipe for getting that sleepful night. Please follow the steps very carefully.

1) Before pursuing any behavioral consultation, the best thing to do is to take the dog to the vet's to make sure that there is nothing physically wrong with the dog. Roughly 20 percent of all of our behavior problems are medically based. Make sure you get the "All's clear" from your vet before going any further. Many housebreaking problems are such things as urinary infections, etc. Many aggression incidents are in response to some sort of physical injury or pain. Don't assume that if Bandit's acting bad, it's because he's misbehaving.

2) Check the Ask Border Collie Rescue section for answers to the most common problems and concerns. Many problems have been dealt with by many other Border Collie owners. It's free and you might just find what you're looking for.

3) For simple behavioral concerns not covered in the "Ask Border Collie Rescue" section, feel free to email us with your questions. We can be reached at . Please realize, that with the overwhelming popularity of this section, we are unable to answer all of the questions sent in nor can we promise to respond to them in a timely fashion. If you need help right away, see # 5 below.

4) If your problems are more generalized and you'd like to hear what others think, we would suggest joining one of the Border Collie mailing lists. Directions for how to subscribe are located here. We would recommend joining the BC-L or BC-RESCUE-L for the most insight into general Border Collie behaviors. The simple fact that you're not alone in your problem may just give you the patience necessary to deal with the behavior. Besides, several hundred subscribers means several hundred ideas.

5) If all else fails, feel free to give us a call at 352-473-0100. Phone behavior consultations for Border Collies are free (though donations are always welcome) - all other breeds will be charged a mandatory donation to Border Collie Rescue. Doing so for free and discriminating against other breeds allows us to prevent future relinquishments of Border Collies to our organization. All phone calls will be returned collect. Only behavior questions will be accepted. We will not do medical consults over the phone. Take your pet to your veterinarian for any medical concerns.[Ask the Vet]

Behavior consultations are provided by Dr. Nicholas B. Carter (behavior specialist).

6) If resolution to your problem is not forthcoming, the only resolution may be to rehome the dog in other environmental circumstances. Doing so in such situations does not mean you are a bad owner, but rather a responsible one. Please contact if you need to relinquish your dog. Please do not take the dog to the local shelter or euthanize them without consulting with Border Collie Rescue first.

Good luck... and a pleasant night's sleep.

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