Chewing Treats

Is it bad to feed my Border Collie manufactured pig ears and chew sticks? I've heard they can choke on them. Any concern on healt/diet and appropriate quantity given in a week's time? I'm wondering whether they equate as candy/chocolate might to humans. They love them and can provide me quite a rest from their bouncing around inside the house.

Sanity and peace and quiet are something most people take for granted, until they get a Border Collie. Then, we would pay a pretty penny just to have them back for brief moments. Some people will tell you of the concerns for the dog choking on the treats. That risk is one you'll have to weigh for yourself. As far as diet goes however, it's not a problem unless it's to such an excess that the dog forgoes part of its daily balanced diet. (By the way, there's nothing wrong with eating candy/chocolate as long as you're not fat and it doesn't "spoil your appetite"). :-)

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