Border Collie Coats

I have a Border Collie and would like the difference between rough and smooth coats. Also, in determining if your dog has long or short hair, what is the difference in length?

There is no absolute, only a range of coat lengths. Border Collies have coats running the spectrum from really short and smooth to really long and fluffy. It's kind of like asking "how tall are tall people?". We all seem to have our own slightly different standards, where those in the grey areas can fall into more than one category.

Border Collie coats come in 3 types - rough, semi-rough, and smooth. Smooth is short (less than an inch) and resembles the coat of a Dalmation or a Dachsund. Rough coats are longer (longer than an inch) and resemble the coats of a Golden Retriever or a Sheltie. Semi-roughs are simply those in between.

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