Talk About Doggie Breath!

I have a 12 week old female Border Collie that eats its own feces. What can I do to eliminate the problem?

Ahh... the number one behavioral complaint of all dog owners. Here are the possible solutions, in no particular order:

1) Use Forbid or Deter
2) Try adding Tabasco sauce to the stools and then allowing them to attempt eating them
3) Clean up the yard after each defecation - no opportunity, no problem
4) Walk your dogs on bathroom trips where they won't have access to it later (like your neighbor's yard ;-)
5) Live with it

Unfortunately, it's sort of what you have to live with in owning a dog. They tend to do some pretty disgusting things (in our eyes) and if you spent your days worrying about them all or attempting to prevent the behaviors, you'd never get anything done. Might as well not own a dog. Eating poop is gross but a simple part of doggie life. They love it, you don't. Makes doggie kisses all the more interesting. Sorry... but there's no real good answer to this one. Dog owners have been menaced by this problem for decades.

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