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Automatic Electronic Monthly Giving Program


Now you can make a gift to Border Collie Rescue without writing a check, paying postage, or getting a reminder by selecting the Automatic Monthly Giving Program. It saves time and the effort of sending gifts through the mail on a regular basis.

You may have some questions about electronic gifts before you decide to choose the service.

Please read on and take advantage of the BCR's Automatic Monthly Giving Program.

Q. How does the Automatic Monthly Giving Program work? Donate Please

Q. How do I get started on the program?

Q. What happens if I move from city to city during this period?

Q. What happens if I change banks or credit cards?

Q. Can more money be taken from my account than I have authorized?

Q. What if I should decide to change this from my checking account to my credit card, or vice versa?

Q. How do I know if my gift is going to the designated recipient?

Q. What if I change the amount of my gift?

Q. Must I notify the bank each month of my intention to make a donation?

Q. Is there a minimum amount that I must give through the Automatic Monthly Giving Program?

Q. Why does Border Collie Rescue recommend this program?

Some other benefits:

Donations can be made from checking or savings accounts
VISA and MasterCard can provide donors added bonuses such as frequent flyer miles;
Donation amounts can be selected to fit your budget; and, Flexible payment schedules to select from.
By providing you with our simple and automatic payment system, you can more easily make and meet your pledges to BCR.

Donor Services New Toll-free Telephone Service

In order to make it easier for our supporters to contact us, we are pleased to let you know that a toll-free number, 1-888-SHEEPDOG, has been established for your convenience. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) Contributions can now be made electronically using Electronic Funds Transfer.

Please contact us for more information by using our toll-free number.

{Border Collie Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.}

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