Tastes Like Dog Food To Me

I was wondering what kind of dog food I should be feeding my Border Collie. My vet says that the best dog food on the market today is Iams. I've heard other people say that it's Purina and still others say that Diamond is the best for Border Collies. Now I'm all confused. She's on Diamond right now, appears healthy and happy, but I want to be sure she gets the best. Which brand should I be feeding my dog?

If you ever want to start a long debate amongst dog people, just ask a group of them which kind of dog food is the best. This question will never go away.

1) Any vet that tells you that Brand X of dog food is the best kind is either: lying, giving a personal opinion, or has a stake in the sales of the food (i.e. they sell it at their clinic). There is NO best kind of dog food, plain and simple.

2) THE best brand of dog food on the market today is......... what works for you and your dog (thought I was going to say a brand name didn't you?). If your dog is healthy, has a nice coat, is active, doesn't shed excessively or show signs of allergies, thank your lucky stars, continue to feed that food, and keep your hands to yourself. Some dogs do great on one brand, some dogs do terrible on it. Some are too expensive, some are just too cheap. Some are too hard to find, some are readily available. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you're not happy with the results (give it a couple of weeks), then switch brands. Don't let anyone tell you that Brand X sucks sheep doo-doo and Brand Y is delivered to their front doorstep by angels. They may like it but that doesn't mean you will. It's kind of like asking which city in the US is the best one to live in. Some may like Miami, others may like Portland. Some people may not even like living in the city. Each individual's taste is different and so is each individual dog's metabolism. Find something you're happy with and stick with it. You can ask around to find out what others like to feed their dogs but don't take it as gospel.

3) Grocery store foods are generally pretty crummy (though some dogs can flourish on them) - they are cheap and easy to get. Mass market pet store brands are generally better and more expensive. Supreme quality dog foods are better still and even more expensive. And there are specialty dog foods for those that need special diets. Which one you go with is ultimately up to you, your budget, and your dog.

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