Hot Enough For You?

I have a few questions regarding heat cycles in Border Collies. First of all, what is silent heat? Secondly, my brother has a 3/4 Border Collie, 10 month old female who is not fixed and has not gone into estrus yet. Could she have gone into silent heat without him knowing it? What is the most common age for a Border Collie to go into her first estrus?

Silent heat is when the dog goes into heat and the owner doesn't know it (some dogs are better at hiding it than others, some don't display prominent outward signs, and some owners aren't perceptive enough or experienced enough to recognize it.)

False pregnancy is when the dog displays physical and behavioral signs of being pregnant but in actuality is not pregnant.

Split heat is when the dog begins heat and shows all the signs (swelling, bleeding, etc.) that signal the oncoming ovulation but then goes into heat again several weeks later. This can be repeated several times.

Standing heat is when the dog is behaviorally receptive to males - nudging them, "butt swishes", and other such signs.

Your brother's dog has probably not gone into silent heat. More than likely she hasn't gone through her first heat cycle yet. Some female Border Collies can wait until 18 months and ocassionally longer. (PS -why isn't she spayed yet?!)

Average age for Border Collies to experience their first heat cycle is 6-14 months.

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