Early Puppy Exposure

Can you shed any light on whether an airline flight is OK with regards to illness? The breeder says she has never had a problem otherwise I would take a long week end to retrieve the pup. And I do have three other dogs that my pup will be able to socialize with but do I have to be concerned with taking them off the property onto country roads and bringing back diseases on their feet?

Long car rides are certainly safer and less traumatic on the pup. However, airline flights generally are fairly safe. As long as the pup gets a new or freshly sterilized crate, there seems to be little chance of picking up a disease. One concern is that little ones are highly susceptible to temperature shifts, stress, etc. much more so than older dogs. 10 minutes sitting on the tarmac may overheat an older dog but it could kill an 8 week-old pup. If you can do the car trip, I would suggest going that route. If not, then airline travel is the next best thing.

With respect to your other dogs going out, if there are lots of dogs traveling in the same places, then yes. If not, then the odds of catching something this way are unlikely.

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