The Eyes Have It

My Border Collie has lately started to have a white discharge out of the corner of each eye. It started about 2 days ago and yesterday was pretty steady so I made an appointment with the vet to get it checked out this Saturday. This morning the problem appears to have cleared up. I have read that there tends to be eye problems with Border Collies. Do you have any info/suggestions on this?

The "eye problems" that Border Collies tend to have are not the ones in reference to your particular problem. The eye problems that you've probably read about are things like CEA (collie eye anomaly) or CPRA (central progressive retinal atrophy). These are genetic, serious conditions that can affect the dog's eyesight permanently and can be somewhat avoided through careful genetic breeding. What your dog had sounds more like an eye infection, bacterial or fungal in nature, which all dogs are prone to and can be cured quite easily and quickly.

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