Jumping Border Collies

My Border Collie is a jumper . . . meaning 6ft fences. My back yard has 6 ft. block wall fencing and yet he still sails over it. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? He's such a great dog. I know he would be a good obedience/agility dog.

It takes lots of work and lots of attention. First, never let the dog go unwatched in the fenced-in yard, so that he can jump out and wander. Positive reinforcement for jumping (i.e. "I get to run around free") is the thing to avoid. I've always had success using a long line and supervision. When the dog goes to jump the fence, make sure you have the long line in your hand to ensure he'll get snapped back before going over. Careful watch and stepping on the leash at the appropriate time works for me too. It takes practice though. Just make sure you don't allow the dog to get partway over the fence before the lead runs out. Otherwise, you might endanger him physically. The same thing works for open gates, etc. In fact, it is often easier to train them on the limits of the yard, irrespective of the fence, than worrying about fence jumpers. A dog trained to respect its yard limits won't be going over the fence. A fence-jumping habit can be a real pain to break.

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