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Got a Frisbee fanatic? Border Collie Rescue now has official Border Collie Rescue Fastback Frisbees for sale to help raise funds for our efforts. Why not show your support for rescue to all the world and get some wonderful new discs for your Frisbee-lovin' pooch at the same time? All proceeds go directly to help place or rescue Border Collies.

Let the Fur Fly!To order, send cash, check or money order (made out to Border Collie Rescue) to:

Border Collie Rescue
16051 E FM 1097
Willis, TX 77378-4077
Phone: (936) 856-3745

You may also call toll-free (1-877-SHEEPDOG) with your credit card order or send us an including all necessary information.

  • Premium model Frisbee Brand Flying Disc
  • Official competition size Fastback Frisbee (105 gm., 9.3 in.)
  • Black and white (for our Border Collies!) - black print on white plastic
  • Artwork is 5 inches in diameter

    6/18/01 - Frisbees are back in stock!!

    Press here to see a larger image of the drawing.

    1-10 discs $3.25 each
    11-25 discs $2.75 each
    26+ discs $2.25 each

    Shipping = $3.50 for 5 or less
    15 percent of total purchase price for all orders of more than 5 Frisbees

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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