In Honor Of

In Honor Of





In loving memory

Marilyn DeRolf



The Whiskey Wench was about a year old when she found her heart and home in the Virginia woods. Mimi and Whiskey needed each others' sheltering love and devotion. Through the years they cared for and protected each others' life changes. Together they always found home. Whiskey will be missed by all.


The Taylors and the Wings
In Loving Memory of My Dog
Jean Laswell




Werner Aguilar and
Debbie Bailey

In Their Honor
Marilu Novy



In memory of our beloved pet
Marilyn and Andy Berkow


Cindy North

Happy 50th Birthday

Audrey Scharmann


Cindy North

Happy 50th Birthday
Craig & Jean Borne


Cindy North


Happy 50th Birthday
Carol Rogers


(aka Beenie)

In His Memory
Sara Sieteski

Baron was the most patient, loving, protective dog I've ever met. He brought my family and I 16 years of unconditional love for which we are forever grateful. He will always be remembered as our faithful friend and a great big brother to our 6 year old Border Collie, Frasier.



In Her Memory
Karen Lundin

Dusty Dallas Rose


In memory of
your inspiration which continues to touch us all

Darlene Findlay
Greg Clevenger
In His Memory


Loving friends
and family


Greg Clevenger - A good friend
In His Memory
Carol J. Norem



Barney Bacigalupo
In His Memory
Adam & Elana Jacoby


Vexorg - Beloved pet and friend

In His Memory
Susan & Keith Sauter



In His Memory
Judith Engberg


In His Memory
Eric & Judy Engberg

We willl always remember him with joy, a black and white center-fielder with spots on his nose and steely determination in his eyes. He was an all-star ball player with a loving heart. He enriched our life beyond measure


Mr. Arthur R. Shierman
In His Memory
Camille & Bohimur Cimprich

Mr. Shierman is the father and father-in-law of Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Shierman. The Shiermans do their best in the care of Border Collies.


Sandra Sullivan
In Her Honor
Walter & Dot Sullivan
Charles & Dot Speakman



In Her Memory
Tom and Cindi Whitcomb

(We got Tux when we lived in Sydney, Australia. In 1991, she returned to the States with us, and then spent 2 years in Paris, France in 1995-96. As you can see, she was a well-traveled dog!

She was also the most loving, smart, talented and beautiful dog we've ever known. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with spleen cancer. Despite surgery and follow-up treatment, we lost her barely 2 months later. We are still devastated and miss her so very much. I hope this helps care for some of her "brothers and sisters". Keep up your great work.)


Happy Birthday to John DeBlass
The Sheep at West Side Dance Project

(In honor of Cody who herded dancers at the West Side Dance Project until his death last month. This gift is presented to John DeBlass for his birthday - April 3rd. Cody was a strong supporter of Border Collie Rescue. Although he was not rescued through BCR, he and his companion Sadie (also a Border Collie) were adopted as grown dogs after being abandoned by their owners. Happy Birthday John from all of Cody's friends at the West Side Dance Project.)


    In Her Memory

    Kevin and Erin Engels

(In memory of Erin's first rescue... gone two years now but forever in our hearts.)

Cobalt Clancy
In His Honor
Bob and Mary Towner

(We recently added a blue tri puppy to our household called Clancy. He comes from a strong herding background on both sides. His sire is Mike Neary's Cap. We hope Clancy will be competing in ISDS trials in the future. At 16 weeks, he already shows strong interest in sheep and is not afraid.)


Carol Dulworth & Gus
In Honor Of
Paul and Holly Boyd



Maggie Smith
In Memory Of
Dad & Ella




"Lassie" Aerstin
(Kody's Highland Lassie)

In Memory Of
Frank & Gretchen Aerstin
In Memory Of
Kathie, John and Katie



In Memory Of

Circe was a fantastic dog, and I am so lucky to have spent 13 wonderful years with her. I will never forget her.
A memorial to Circe is at

In Memory Of

Cindy Foster
Cindy, Stacey, Isabella, and Henry


Amy Jovanovich and her Border Collie

CH Brighteye Mr. Kirby UD, HT, MX, MXJ, NAP, NJP DL 5868219/02
March 21, 1990 - October 19, 2003

In Memory Of
Kendall Fairchild
Sadie Sue
In Memory Of
Mr. and Mrs. John Romero

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