White (and Black) Dogs Can't Jump

I have our Border Collie pretty much trained not to jump up on people when they are standing. Her latest trick, done only to me so far, is to jump on my back since she isn't allowed to jump up on me in front . I think it's pretty funny but I know it's a habit I should break. How?

Smart little twerps aren't they? The normal routine for breaking Border Collies from jumping up on people is to raise a knee when they go to jump on you. Unfortunately, the flippin' Border Collies are smart enough to figure out that you don't have knees that point backwards (unless you're one of those really weird folks :-? ), so they come around and jump up behind you. The solution is two-fold. Never give your dog attention when it jumps up on you. Only when it is sitting at your feet (and nothing beats a good sit to solve this by the way). Second thing is to put a leash on the dog and then step on it just far back enough so if the dog attempts to jump up on you, it gets jerked back down (and you stand there with your hands free). This also works behind you as the dog has no more chance to do it then it did in front of you.

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