Kennel Kare

We are going on vacation for one week and would like your input on Border Collies and their response to kennel care.

Personally, I don't think Border Collies should be placed in kennels at all (long-term). It's something akin to confining a world-class athlete to the closet for a week. Of course, some times it's unavoidable and circumstances preclude other options but it would be my last option. I would much rather leave a Border Collie with friends or family (who soon become ex-friends and family) or have someone come over and housesit with the dog. Even if the cost and trouble is more, it pays off in the long run. (Try placing a half a dozen Border Collies when you want to go away :-).

In any event, if you do have to leave the dog at the kennel, make sure it is up on all its vaccinations, including kennel cough, at least a week prior to the stay.

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