Neuticles - If You've Got 'Em, Flaunt 'Em

I saw Neuticles, the fake testicles, advertised on their home page on the Web. The ad said "Dogs neutered with NEUTICLES do not realize they have been neutered [and] do not suffer post neutering trauma." Post neutering trauma? Could you comment on that. Is this a legitimate known side effect of neutering?

Why yes... of course. All surgery results in post-surgery trauma (both physical and emotional). Ever have an operation? Right afterwards you don't really feel like jumping up and going out to a party. (except for most of the Border Collies I know) But.... this isn't the same type of trauma that this ad is implying. It's implying that dogs really "miss" what they are missing. It's hard enough to figure out how a dog feels physically, let alone emotionally. Ask a neutered dog how he feels and see what he says. If he answers you, then we've got troubles.

Many people often relate the fact that the dogs spend a great deal of time staring at their groin immediately after surgery. From this, they infer that the dog is "fondly remembering what was once his prized possessions - surreptitiously stolen from him while he slept by the evil overlords at the vet's office". But the dogs do this for the same reason they lick the region - it hurts, and they're trying to figure out what hurts and relieve the pain.

This claim is totally unsubstantiated (and never could be) and is most certainly advertising "puffing". In my opinion, Neuticles are silly and should be treated as such. (Though I wish I had thought of the marketing ploy myself. Man, what a racket :-)

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