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Max --- (posted 9/15/03) --- Approximately 3 1/2-year old black and white smooth coat male Border Collie. Max is neutered and vaccinated for rabies, DHLPP, and dewormed. Max is heartworm negative and housetrained.

Max is up for adoption because of a bad housing situation. Max likes water, frisbee, fetch, and car rides. He is good with other dogs, cats, kids, and strangers. He loves to cuddle with people, and enjoys company. His working ability is untested. He knows commands for sit, stay, down, and come. He also knows "take it nice" (when giving treats). He is sometimes startled by loud noises.

I am sure that all of the dogs on this website are very lovable but Max is truly something special. He is my little social butterfly, he gets so excited when he meets people you would think he'd wriggle himself into a pretzel :-) He loves kids and has a lot of patience for other dogs. He's a class "A" cuddler and is very affectionate and ABSOLUTLEY anything that has to do with the outdoors he loves. *** Max is very sensitive to loud noises.

The reason I have chosen to give Max away is because I feel my current circumstances are not fitting for him. I was supposed to be Max's temporary mom and at the end of one year he was supposed to go back to a family member. As it turns out they can't take him back. I go to school full-time now and also work part-time so he spends 95% of his day alone in a small apartment. Border collies as we all know need lots of attention and room to play but in my current situation I can not provide that for him. So I feel it would be best if I gave Max to a home that could give him all the things he needs and deserves.

Max is currently located in Oregon. 

If you are interested in adopting Max, contact Natalie Jernigan at (253)222-6162.


email him at this address:

Rowdy --- (posted 7/12/00) --- Approximately 1 1/2 year old mostly black rough coat male Border Collie mix, mother part blue heeler and father part aussie, both half bc. Rowdy looks the most bc of the litter. Rowdy's weight is approximately 45 lbs. He is heartworm negative and has not been neutered. He has been vaccinated for DHLPP and is heartworm negative. Rowdy is somewhat housetrained.

Rowdy is in rescue because he was too much to handle. He is good with other dogs (excited), friendly with strangers, loves cats, likes kids - likes water and car rides. Rowdy would be a good frisbee dog. He's a great jumper, twists and turns. His working ability is unknown. Compared to his litter mates, Rowdy would rather chase and does not seem to have the stand/lie and stare ability.

Rowdy has few behavior problems: he jumps fences, chews clothes (boredom I'm sure) and barks excessively. He needs individual fulltime attention to get where he should be. He is learning to sit. He is still overly possesive of his food and is becoming snappy because of that.

Rowdy was adopted out approximately 6 months ago but he did not get enough attention and learned to chase cars with the help of another dog. He was returned to me and now has to be kept tied up or in the house so that he will not chase cars until the yard gets fenced. His brother is the more dominant male and the two fight a lot. When Rowdy's in the house he's a real sweetheart. You can bathe and brush him with no problems.

Rowdy is currently located in Oregon.

If you are interested in adopting Rowdy, contact Phillis Rufkahr at (541) 389-9528


email her at this address:

Casey --- (posted 9/13/00) --- Approximately 2 1/2 year old black and white semi-rough coat female Border Collie. Casey's weight is approximately 35 lbs. Casey has been spayed, and has received vaccinations for rabies, DHLPP and kennel cough. She has been wormed, is heartworm negative and is on flea and heartworm preventatives. Casey does have a broken leg, below the hock, but the cast comes off Sept. 29. Casey is housetrained.

Casey's picture

Casey's working ability is untested. She is good with strangers and loves kids and car rides. She will snap at other dogs and tries to kill my cat. Casey has had some basic obedience training, but with her broken leg, not much has been done. She will stop whatever she is doing and come to you when you call her name. She knows commands for "sit," "come" and "go potty."

Casey is very friendly and doesn't even bark at the doorbell. She doesn't snatch food from your hand and patiently waits for her food to be put down.

Casey is currently located in South Dakota. Click here for another picture of Casey.

If you are interested in adopting Casey, contact Terri Mayfield at 605-886-8618


email her at this address:

Cowboy --- (posted 3/29/01) --- Approximately 3 year old black and white male Border Collie mix. Cowboy is neutered and current on all his shots.

Cowboy is a great dog. He is an awesome house dog. Cowboy has kennel issues. There is nothing that can contain him. However he does stick close to home. I tie him when he needs to go potty. He doesn't even need a leash for our walks in the country.

Cowboy is currently located in The Dalles, Oregon.

If you are interested in adopting Cowboy, contact Kaye Smith at Home At Last


email her at this address:

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