Onion Breath

I've read that onions can, in some dogs, cause some sort of problem with a dog's blood... I can't remember the details. What can you tell me? That's something I'd never heard before, but I've been avoiding giving the dogs anything with onions in it ever since.

Onions will cause anemia as they destroy the red blood cells but as far as I know, the anemic effect has only been demonstrated in dogs that were fed a LARGE quantity of onions. Like chocolate, it takes a hell of a lot (though the anemia generally goes away - as the agent in onion attacks old RBCs and spares the newer ones) to have an effect, so the occasional hamburger with an onion or meatloaf with diced onions (do you people really feed your dogs this stuff?) isn't going to do much harm. I would stay away from it as a regular addition to the diet however. Besides, who wants to kiss a dog that just ate onions?!

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