Border Collie Rescue presents a collection of rescue Border Collies, past and present, that have made their way through our pages (as well as some personal dogs that weren't rescues). We congratulate all the new adoptive families and wish them and their dogs the best of luck in their new homes - because all dogs deserve a second chance.

Note: Not all dogs are purebred Border Collies.

If you would like to read stories about some rescued Border Collies and their new homes, press here.

If you would like to include a photo of your rescued (or nonrescued) Border Collie on these pages, email a scanned photo in any format (JPEG preferred) to:
You can also send your photo via snail mail. Include a SASE for return of all photos if desired. Photos submitted become the property of Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

BCR Herding and Frisbee Fun Day
1997 BCSA National Specialty
Holiday Photo Contest
A Photo Essay
A Litter of puppies (all are now adopted)

Due to the extreme popularity of this section of the BCR web site, we have revamped the format of the photoalbum to best facilitate viewing of the photographs. Photos are now arranged by thumbnail page for easy previewing. Click on a thumbnail picture for the larger version.

The following are thumbnails pages of all the other photos available (by dog's name)

Page 1 - (double names)
Page 2 - (double names through A)
Page 3 - (A through B)
Page 4 - (B)
Page 5 - (B through C)
Page 6 - (C through D)
Page 7 - (D)
Page 8 - (D through G)
Page 9 - (G through J)
Page 10 - (J through K)
Page 11 - (K through M)
Page 12 - (M through N)
Page 13 - (N through P)
Page 14 - (P through R)
Page 15 - (R through S)
Page 16 - (S)
Page 17 - (S through T)
Page 18 - (T)
Page 19 - (T)
Page 20 - (T through Z)

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