A Border Collie, a priest, and a rabbi walk into a bar.... Know any good Border Collie jokes? Post them here.


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This could be filed under the heading of training but I just find it hysterically funny. Anybody else have this "problem?"

To keep Sophie on her toes, I like to run through her entire bag of tricks and commands. Problem is that she tries to anticipate what command I'm going to give--with hilarious results. OK, I get the treat bag and stand in front of her. She sits. Before I can even give the first command, she's already running throught the entire routine. She always starts with "Roll Over, Rover." I don't treat her because she didn't obey. She just did it on her own. So then she's like, "Oh that's not it, huh? How about Lie Down? Nope? That's not it? I know. I know. Shaky Paw. I bet that's it. Shaky Paw." I'm just standing there, silent and immobile. Until I crack up laughing. The other day I took her into the back bedroom because I vary the training locales so she doesn't think any command is situational. Now, in the living room, I taught her "Couch" meaning she should jump up there and sit. If we're in my bedroom "couch" is the bed. If we're outdoors, it's a box. Well, in the back bedroom, there's no couch or bed or box. So Sophie is trying to anticipate my next command. Her eyes start darting around and she decides to jump up on the cedar chest. Never mind that there are blankets and books and whatnot piled on the chest, up she goes, knocking things every which way. Then she sat amidst the disaster and looked ever so proud of herself. The dog just cracks me up!!!
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