christmas tree and muffy

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christmas tree and muffy

New postby muffysmom on Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:04 am

With the holidays rapidly approaching I think back to Muffy's first Christmas with us. More specifically the tree. When we brought in the tree Muffy was bewildered. She sniffed it , looked at my hubby and kids and barked at us, as if to say that is not an inside the house smell. that is a back yard smell, she settled down, we trimmed the bottom that was ok we put it in the stand that was ok we stood it up and she went nuts. Barking and running to the door. pushing my hubby to the tree to take it back out in the yard where it lives. She settled in again we decorated it, having had dogs for years it is pretty much paper, plastic or crocheted from 3 ft to the base of the tree. turn on the lights and turn up the carols. and Muffy look at the tree, looks at us as if we are crazy goes inside. She only once went for a drink in the tree stand. Guess the pine flavor was not to her liking, the only thing she has ever touch on the tree has been the tree skirt which she thinks is a excellent blanket for whoever is on the sofa to cuddle with her.
This will be her third Christmas with us and I wonder if she will still think we are crazy, and will I get the special blanket with my coco and cookies and will she add her own toilet paper garland to our household decor. which is what she did while we went out to church. eat your heart out Martha it's marcal garland this holiday season
She is a joy and a terror we have 2 homes and she is a country girl and loves it upstate. she doesn't hate it in jersey, but she will help pack to go upstate and is the first to the car to go. she explores the fields when my hubby is done mowing them and will then take my son out in them to explore. patrolling that he should not wander into the tall grass mind you my son is 17 and 6ft 7 in tall and explored long before muffy became a fixture.
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Re: christmas tree and muffy

New postby PCarpenter on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:44 pm

Even before I got my Sophie, my Christmas decorating had simplified itself down to "Here's a basket of artificial pointsettias. Have a nice day." So I don't know what she would do with a real tree in the house but I'm sure she'd check out the critter smells on any branches quite thoroughly.

But your post about Muffy puts me in mind of a bull terrier we had growing up. Now, Poochie was an intact male, mind you. An intact male and a real tree. What do you think happened? You had to pray that the presents now festooned with yellow "ink" belonged to the immediate family and not outside guests. On the plus side, old Pooch never did bother the ornaments or the tinsel. He did, however, go totally bananas when someone would turn on the electric train set that ran around the base of the tree.

Now that I look back on it, I'm wondering if I'm somehow depriving Sophie of a chance to commit holiday mayhem.
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