Puppy Pictures

Age 2.5 weeks. Puppies' first meal.
(Note how it's more fun to walk in the food and then lick it off siblings
than to eat it straight out of the container)

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We still have only 3 of the pups spoken for. We're in need of homes for three more and Kayla is still available.

Kayla is a two-year old female, black and white rough coat purebred Border Collie. Kayla is a real sweetheart and has a wonderful temperament. She displays a lot of the quirky behaviors of a Border Collie, like chasing lights and attacking vacuum cleaners, but she is pretty calm and is certainly a very loveable dog and seems to be pretty good with all sorts of people. She is good with kids, strangers, and just about anybody she meets. She befriends people very easily and within ten seconds she acts like she has been with you her entire life. She is relaxed in the house but will chase cats if given the chance. She has been a good mother so far and I can imagine that she would fit in into just about any household. She is somewhat active but not overly so, so I imagine that she would be a good companion dog. She does like to run and play but would probably do so on demand rather than requiring an intense amount of input from her owner.

All pups and mom (Kayla) will be available for adoption in 8 weeks (from Jan 27, 1998). There are 4 males, 2 females. 5 are tricolored, 1 is black and white. All appear to be purebred Border Collies and are healthy and doing well. They are located in central Florida. All pups will be placed with spay/neuter contracts, will come with their DHLPP shots, will be dewormed, and will be microchipped. (Rabies is given at age 4 months). Kayla will come with her DHLPP, kennel cough and rabies vaccines, will be microchipped and spayed.

If you are interested in adopting either Kayla or one of the pups, contact Dr. Nicholas B. Carter, (Border Collie Rescue, Inc.) at (936) 856-3745

Press here for pictures of the puppies 1 hour after they were born.

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