Marathon Dog

I've read that pups shouldn't walk/run/jump too far when they're too young. But no book seems to tell me what is too far, and what is too young. Can you advise me how far I can walk with my Border Collie? And at what point can I stop worrying about her walking too far?

How long is a piece of string? This is kind of a tough question, as it varies between individual dogs and what type of activity they're doing. Generally the best yardstick to go by is until one year of age, allow them to work/play/run/walk/etc. at their own pace - don't push them to do more than they want to on their own. Hikes in the woods should be you following the dog, not the other way round. Border Collie pups can handle quite a bit but they should be the ones to determine when enough is enough. Very physical activities (like jumping, tumbling, herding, Frisbee) should be curtailed by the owner. Short sessions and prevention of jumping high or from heights should be mandated.

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