Border Collie Registries

I am looking for information on the Border Collie Association(s):
1) Who they are. (I believe the BSCA and ABC ??)
2) How to join (addresses, officers, fees, etc)
3) How to register a dog
My question is this: Is it to my benefit to register my border collie with these groups, and if so, what are are the benefits? She already is AKC registered, (being an import) so I don't require any other group registration to get her AKC number. However, I would like to join a breed club to keep myself informed.

Do not confuse breed clubs with registries. There is a difference between the two and the function they serve. Registries are used to trace lineages and histories through verified written records, to help breeders keep track of genetic and behavioral lines and to help ensure buyers that they are getting what the dog is purported to be. Right now, registeries do no more than that - as most don't require health checks or hip/eye certification. Many people equate a "registered" dog with the canine equivalent of the "GoodHousekeeping Seal of Approval". Unfortunately, this perception is a fallacy as registered dogs can be unhealthy, genetic nightmares, behaviorally deficient, produced by puppy mills, or generally uncared for. A registered dog (for the time being) is simply one that comes with a piece of paper that elaborates the dog's family tree. No more. No less.

Border Collies can currently be registered via several organizations: ABC (American Border Collie Association), AKC (American Kennel Club), AIBC (American-International Border Collie Registry), ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society), NASDS (North American Sheep Dog Society, KC (Kennel Club), UKC (United Kennel Club) and a couple of others. Hip certificiation registries are OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or Penn-Hip (Pennsylvania Hip Registry). The eye certificate registry is CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation). You can find address for these registeries on several of the Border Collie Web sites, including this one.

Breed clubs are exactly that - "social" (though some consider them "political") clubs of like-minded individuals that are organized around a particular breed. Breed clubs sponsor dog activities and events, help support breed research, educate people about the breed, encourage appropriate participation in the breed, foster public education on the breed, distribute literature, and participate in the future direction and development of the breed, as well as a wealth of other things. The benefit of joining a breed club is being involved in all of the things just mentioned. The downside may be dealing with the "philosophy" of the club - which you may or may not entirely buy into.

Some Border Collie national breed clubs in the US are the ABCA (American Border Collie Alliance) (though they have recently changed), BCSA (Border Collie Society of America), and the USBCC (United States Border Collie Club). There are also more regional clubs as well as lots of others in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of these groups have home pages on the Web you should check out if you are interested in joining or just learning more.

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