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The following are Border Collies rescuers, foster homes, contacts, etc. We endeavor to keep these lists as up-to-date as possible, but we must necessarily rely on rescuers and others to keep us informed as to any changes. We apologize if the listings are not entirely accurate.

Please note that we do not check credentials nor do we vouch for the veracity or conduct of any individuals listed on this site. We are serving as a place for initial contacts or a way to communicate your intentions - nothing more. These contacts, unless so specified, are not members of or affiliated with Border Collie Rescue, Inc. in any way.

Also note that small rescue organizations or individuals operate in very different manners. Most groups are simply small groups of people that have agreed to work together. Please be sure to carefully check the experience and qualifications of the people that you contact.

Additionally, membership in an organization can mean very little or can signify something important. Border Collie Rescue, Inc., for example, has a lot of volunteers, but is very selective in awarding membership to an individual. Individuals listed as BCR, Inc. members have undergone an intensive selection process, while volunteers have not. Other rescue groups may not operate in this manner. Membership may simply entail filling out a form and declaring that one is a member. We cannot police the operations of all rescue groups so please take it upon yourself to find out how a group operates before adopting a dog from them.

There is absolutely no charge for this service. To register yourself for listing on these pages, press here.

Press here if you'd like to download a text file with a listing of all the rescue contacts (US & International)


Luan Egan
310-2255B Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario M4E 1G3
Phone number = (416) 690-8602
Email =
Border Collie Rescue, Ontario

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support, Fundraising, Other Services. Rescuer since 1997. Contact listed in Dogs in Canada Annual and other publications. Can foster one dog at a time, transport dogs and equipment/food donations and anything else required.)

Teresa Castonguay
121 Drayton Ave
Toronto, Ontario M4C 3L8
Phone number = (416) 698-6746
Email =
NABCRN Rescuer

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home covering southern Ontario. Takes in BC's, evaluates their personalities, works with them if necessary and places them in appropriate homes. Not limited to 'purebred'. Anything that could be mistaken as a BC is accepted.)

Janet L Arthur
Highland Border Collie Rescue
RR #2
Singhampton, Ontario
N0C 1M0
Phone number = (519) 922-2555
Email =

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising. I am one of the founding members of Border Collie Rescue Ontario and have been an active member of NABCRN for 3 years. I have taken in many dogs in this time and with the help of my co-rescuers have placed them in proper homes. We deal with all ages, types and temperaments.)

Roy & Christine Drinnan
391 Salem Cross Rd.
PO Box 3
Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia B0N 2H0
Phone number = (902) 758-3330
Email =

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, and Transport. We currently have one Border Collie to which we gave a home (to avoid its being put down) and also have a half dalmation half Australian Sheepdog. We have gotten all the dogs we ever owned by 'rescuing' them. We have a farm property with horses and love dogs. Everyone who has met any of our dogs over the years has commented on their respect and obedience. We fully understand the unlimited energy and potential of these dogs and are willing to help if we can.)

Shawn Davis
Elora, Ontario NOB 1SO
Phone number = (519) 787-2724
Email =
NABCRN Rescuer

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits. Currently we have one rescue which we are fostering. I am in the process of obtaining some sheep and I am willing to start rescue dogs on stock to assess their potential. I am willing to foster but have a limited space and will, therefore, only be able to have 2-3 dogs at a time. I am also able to do obedience work with the rescues.)

Sylvia O'Kane-Forster
3282 Williamson Road
R.R. #4
Cobourg, Ontario K9A 4J7
Phone number = (905) 342-3251
Email =
Border Collie Rescue, Ontario

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising. I have been actively rescuing BC's for the past four years. Darywyn, our first rescue was kicked off a farm for "chasing" sheep!, he still lives with my daughter. All the dogs are temperament tested, housetrained if needed, obedience started and started on sheep whenever possible. )

Tim and Lee Coles
130 Catherine Street East
Gravenhurst, Ontario  P1P 1A5
Phone number = (705) 687-2325
Email =
Border Collie Rescue, Ontario

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport)

Border Collie Friends Rescue
395 - 38 Street East
Prince Albert, SK
S6W 1A5
Phone number = (306) 922-3028
Email =
Border Collie Friends Rescue

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising. Cheryl does the fostering and Kim does the footwork.  Basic manners and obedience training are done by Cheryl.)

Andrew Turner
PO Box 119
Albert, New Brunswick E0A 1A0
Phone number = (506) 882-0886
Email =
Web site = Remus Border Collie Rescue & Rehoming
BCR, Inc.

(Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff. I am available for owner education, home visits, assisting with behaviour modification, etc. I routinely contact local shelters to check on availability of Border Collies. I can assist with finding suitable homes and can provide foster care. I also attempt to provide breed information to potential owners through the posting of notices in newspapers, vet surgeries, pet shops, etc.)

Border Collie Rescue North
P.O. Box 31257
Whitehorse, Yukon
Canada Y1A 7A1
Phone number = (867) 667-4759 (daytime) (867) 633-6177 (evenings & weekends)

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport. Helping Border Collies and Australian Shepherds from the Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories and southeast Alaska.)


Border Collie & Sheepdog Rescue
Sonya Saxby
South Yorkshire
Phone number = 0114 233 3467
Web site =

Valgrays Border Collie Rescue
Val Phillips
Email =
Jill Luckham and John Dovey
Phone number = 01905 778732

Julia Dickenson
Phone number = 01306 730414
Email =

Margaret Prentice
Hawthorn Cottage
179 Huddersfield Road
Mirfield, West Yorkshire WF14 9DG
Phone number = 01924 490954
(Fund Raising only)

Barbara Sykes
Highfield Farm
Darlton, Newark, Nottinghamshire
NG22 0TQ
Phone number = 01777 870357

Valgrays Border Collie Rescue
Val Pollock
Phone number = 01883 624513 or
Phone number = 0831 502296

Border Collie Trust GB
Derrick Firth
Phone number = 01889 577058
- or -
Jennifer Booth
Phone number = 01889 577058
Web site =

Angela Langman
West Sussex
(April – September only)
Phone number = 01243 527035

Carinna Wallbank
Phone number = 01257 411785

Jill Luckham
Phone number = 01905 778732


Border Collie & Sheepdog Rescue
Lorna Whytock
Phone number = 01828 640382
Email =
Web site =

Betty Kerr
Scottish Border Collie Rescue
Thorniehill Kennels
Strathaven Road
Hamilton, Scotland, ML3.
Phone number = 01357 300 355
Email =

(If we can be of any help or if you have any cause to contact us in Scotland we would be pleased to help.)

Aileen Gemmell
Bowhouse Cottage
Ayrshire, Scotland, KA3 4BS
Phone number = 01560 385486


Julie & Peter Gray
49 Fords Rd.
NSW 2515
Email = or

(We are prepared to try to do whatever is needed when a problem for a dog arises, i.e. advise/educate owners, try to rehome a dog, temporarily foster. I would like to get an Australian email list set up.)


Yokohama Dog Rescue
Kiyoto Kitaura (representative)
4-20-12,Serigaya, Kounann-ku
Yokohama City, Knanagawa 233-0006
Phone number = +81-45-825-5991
FAX: +81-45-825-5992
Email :

(We rescue any dogs from town, mountain or bad owners. We accept any breed. One of our members is 2nd champion with his BC and has experience rescuing BCs and adopting to good families.)

South Africa

Lynette Trollip
Border Collie Rescue Gauteng
PO Box 1362
Muldersdrift 1747
Phone number = (011) 957-2491
Email =

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Support Staff, Fundraising. We have been involved with Border Collie Rescue in the last 2 years, since then we have had to find suitable homes for an alarmingly high number of Border Collies.   We are handful of volunteers, would appreciate any inputs. One of our main objectives is to educate the prospective BC owner.)


Pia Gutjens
Border Collie Rescue NL
Berkenstaat 7
6031 XA Nederweert
Phone number = (0032) 495-626851
Email =
Web site =

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Other Services. The Border Collie Rescue NL. is primarily a rescue organisation. They operate throughout Holland on an entirely voluntary basis. They also give information about Border Collie ownership and information if a Border Collie is the dog for people.)


Gesa Kuhn
Brokeloher Hauptstraße 26,
31628 Landesbergen/Brokeloh
Phone number = (+49) 05027 / 900 30 5
Fax = (+49) 05027 / 900 30 6
Email =
Web site = and

(Active Rescuer, Foster Home, Home Visits, Transport, Support Staff, Fundraising, Other Services. Our work is for the whole of Germany. We try to get border collies out of shelters and take dogs from people who can't cope with them anymore. We have contacts with many shelters and vets and other rescue organisations. Our work is not only the rehoming. We also give training (for free) to people that have problems with their dogs.)

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