The following are Border Collies rescuers, foster homes, contacts, etc. We endeavor to keep these lists as up-to-date as possible, but we must necessarily rely on rescuers and others to keep us informed as to any changes. We apologize if the listings are not entirely accurate. Simply click on the region of the country where you would like to see the listing of Border Collies rescuers.

Please note that we do not check credentials nor do we vouch for the veracity or conduct of any individuals listed on this site. We are serving as a place for initial contacts or a way to communicate your intentions - nothing more. These contacts, unless so specified, are not members of or affiliated with Border Collie Rescue, Inc. in any way.

Also note that small rescue organizations or individuals operate in very different manners. Most groups are simply small groups of people that have agreed to work together. Please be sure to carefully check the experience and qualifications of the people that you contact.

Additionally, membership in an organization can mean very little or can signify something important. Border Collie Rescue, Inc., for example, has a lot of volunteers, but is very selective in awarding membership to an individual. Individuals listed as BCR, Inc. members have undergone an intensive selection process, while volunteers have not. Other rescue groups may not operate in this manner. Membership may simply entail filling out a form and declaring that one is a member. We cannot police the operations of all rescue groups so please take it upon yourself to find out how a group operates before adopting a dog from them.

There is absolutely no charge for this service. To register yourself for listing on these pages, press here.

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