Flea and Tick Products

(The generous folks at Professional Pet Products (PPP) have kindly provided us with all of the following products. They are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to work to your satisfaction. We can personally recommend them and vouch for their effectiveness.)

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Flea & Tick Shampoo

Extremely high flea mortality. Contains Resmethrin, the most effective water soluble insecticide. May be used in conjunction with other flea and tick control measures. The shampoo is gentle, non-alkaline and hypoallergenic. Shampoo and insecticide are completely biodegradable. May be used as often as necessary. For dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. (8 oz., 12 oz. and gallons)

Flea & Tick Mousse

The easy-to-use product that not only kills fleas and ticks very quickly, but also cleans the animal's skin and coat, leaving it shining and pleasantly scented - and no rinsing is required. ldeal for "in between shampoo" treatment, it applies easily to a dry coat and toweling afterwards is all that is necessary. Useful in styling as well. For dogs and cats (6 oz.)

Feline Flea & Tick Spray

Specially formulated and specifically packaged for cats and kittens. Contains natural pyrethrins to kill fleas and ticks. Alcohol-free formula will not irritate the skin. Does not contain "grooming agents" - will not disturb the delicate balance necessary in feline coats. For cats and kittens (16 oz.)

Flea & Tick Spray

With pistol-grip sprayer, gets at places where fleas hide. Direct treatment on pet bedding assures dramatic flea and tick mortality Contains increased concentration of Resmethrin for the highest degree of flea control. Highly recommended following Flea & Tick Shampoo, and between shampoo treatments. Endorsed by renowned dog and cat breeders. Use as often as necessary. For dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. (16 oz. and gallons)

Flea & Tick Superspray

This newly approved "high power formula" kills fleas and ticks fast! Contains a combination of three active ingredients providing the ultimate in synergized control. Also contains a repellent to insure residual effect, and a deodorant for a fresh smelling coat. Can also be used on pet's bedding and in the home. For dogs, cats, and puppies (16 oz.)

PermaDip Flea & Tick Dip Solution

The "solution" for longer term residual control of fleas and ticks on dogs. Kills fleas and ticks for up to 14 days using a special formulation of synergized permethrin. Economical concentrate dilutes 2 ounces per gallon (64-1), mixes quickly and easily, and is practically odorless. For dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age (4 oz., 16 oz. and Gallons)

Flea & Tick Cycleblock Total Release Fogger

The newest and most advanced, water-based IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) fogger available. Contains *Nylar IGR which kills and "blocks" the life cycle of adult and preadult fleas, including flea eggs, for 210 days. Also contains synergized pyrethrin and permethrin for immediate and complete control. Also kills Deer Ticks that may carry and transmit Lyme Disease. Unit size of 6 oz. will treat an average size room of up to 6,000 cubic feet (20' x 30' x 10') (6 oz.) *Nylar is a registered trademark of McLaughlin Gormley King Co.

Flea & Tick Cycleblock Home & Carpet Spray

The newest and most advanced, water-based, IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) spray available. Contains *Nylar which kills and "blocks" the life cycle of adult and preadult fleas for 120 days. Also kills ticks. Powerful spray mist is perfect for direct treatment to carpeting, rugs, drapery, furniture, pet bedding - wherever fleas and ticks may hide. (12 oz.) *Nylar is a registered trademark of McLaughlin Gormley King Co.

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