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BCR Leashes and Longlines

  • What makes these leads so good? They'll NEVER break! They've got a lifetime guarantee for materials and workmanship. They're completely weatherproof and washable! They're very comfortable and easy on you and your dog, and they handle and coil beautifully.
  • The line is specially woven double braided yacht braid. It's a rope inside a rope, and is the best combination of strength, comfort, and durability available. It's the same kind of line used on the America's Cup boats. The tensil strength runs from 1800 lbs. to over 5000 lbs.! So in a pinch you might be able to use it to haul a friend out of a ditch, (but that's not part of the guarantee).
  • The leads coil beautifully and the line's soft nature makes it kind to your hands and kind to your dog. And when you wind up sloshing around in the mud with your dog, you can just tie the lead inside a sock and run it through the wash (let it drip dry).
  • The splices in the handle and clip ends are handwoven and whipped, and then protected with an adhesive lined marine rubber shrink tubeto make them extremely strong, solid, and compact. There are no rivets or metal crimps to fail or cause injury to you or your dog.
  • The clips are solid brass and lab tested for strength, durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Sizes: Lightweight (LW)
    Good light lead for small dogs, or small owners with mid sized dogs Recommended: Up to 60 lb. dog


    Midweight (MW)
    Perfect for medium to large dogs Recommended: 35 to 100 lb. dog


    Heavyweight (HW)
    Excellent sturdy feel for large dogs Recommended: 60 to 200+ lb. dog (HW3 is shorter for close control of naturally taller large dogs)


    (Currently out of stock)

    Ideal training and tracking lines. Easy retrieval. Comfortable & durable

    LW20'@ $24.95
    LW30'@ $29.95

    Available Color: Black and White (of course!)

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