Medicated Grooming Products

(The generous folks at Professional Pet Products (PPP) have kindly provided us with all of the following products. They are of the highest quality and are guaranteed to work to your satisfaction. We can personally recommend them and vouch for their effectiveness.)

PPP Product Photo

Tar-ific Skin Relief Shampoo

The most effective PPP medicated shampoo. Excellent in helping reduce inflammation and itching caused by flea bites Relieves odor flaking, crusting, moist and dry patches. Designed for the treatment of generalized skin disorders and seborrhea. Helps relieve itching and scratching. Eliminates odor and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Contains Refined Tar, Sulfur, Salicylic Acid with pH balancing and coat conditioners. Will not stain the whitest coat. For dogs and puppies. (8 oz., 12 oz. and gallons)

Tar-ific Skin Relief Spray

A product designed for the daily treatment of seborrhea, flea-bite inflammation and other non-specific skin disorders. Especially helpful in the treatment of moist "Hotspots" or dry patches of skin, and in the control of scaling, itching and odor associated with seborrhea. Especially recommended in helping to reduce inflammation and itching caused by flea bites. Convenient pump/sprayer bottle. For dogs and puppies. (8 oz. and gallons)

Tar-ific Skin Relief Cream

The same effective ingredients as contained in PPP'S famous Tar-ific Skin Relief Spray but in an easy-to-apply cream. Permits an even more highly concentrated and localized application to problem skin patches or "Hotspots". Particularly useful on dogs who resist spray applications. Does not sting. For dogs and puppies. Excellent for horses also. (4 oz.)

Skin Care Dry Skin Shampoo with natural oatmeal

An antiseptic dermatological shampoo for problem skin. For thorough cleansing, beautifying and deodorizing. Contains Sulfur, Salicylic Acid and Natural Oatmeal Extract. Helpful in the treatment of moist or dry patches and in the control of scaling skin. Relieves dryness and restores natural luster. Recommended for pets with sensitive skin. Coat becomes easy to manage and freshly fragrant. For dogs, cats and puppies. (8 oz., 12 oz. and gallons)

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