Border Collies in Shelters

I would love your input regarding a question about what can we non-rescuers do for Border Collie Rescue. Should we grab every Border Collie we see in the pound or tell them to call us *if* no one wants the Border Collies and their time is up?

Don't grab them unless you, personally, are willing to care for and place the dog. If you're going to transfer the dog to a Border Collie rescuer, check with them first and take photos so they can determine if it is a Border Collie or not. Nothing I hate more than some of my volunteers pulling "purebred Border Collies" out of the pound and then I'm stuck with some Lab mix that I have no prospective homes for.

Assuming it is a Border Collie, some of us with lighter loads (i.e. under 20 dogs at a time) tend to pull them out right away. I do so because I have the connections and I carefully screen the homes. I'd rather pull it out now than wait for it to get adopted by someone who has no clue what a Border Collie is all about (and the shelter doesn't warn them) and then have it returned a month later. It ends up being quicker and easier if I get it from the get-go.

Others with a full plate already don't have that luxury and normally wait until the dog needs a call from the governor before they go get them out.

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