Lickety Stitch

Our Border Collie was spayed yesterday leaving about a 3-inch incision with internal stitching. Our problem is that we cannot keep her from licking this area and we are very afraid of infection. The vet gave us a cone-shaped collar that we put on her, but of course......she hates the thing. My question is: is there another way to resolve this besides this collar?

I deal with this all the time. The Elizabethan collars work well if you aren't a big sap and give into the dogs. They hate it, you feel awful, but they work. Knocks a whole lot of stuff off of tables and the like but it is a small price to pay.

The other solution is to use two children's T-shirts. Put one on from the front, the other from the rear. Clasp the two together to make one big body cover (with hyper Border Collies it takes a miracle sometimes and a whole lot of safety pins). Just remember to remove the T-shirts when they go outside or else the dog pees in the shirts and you have to change their "diapers". Keeps them from biting at the stitches though. Some dogs require Bitter Apple to be sprayed on the shirts, just to make it clear that they are not meant to touch. A liquid detergent applied to the outside of the shirt will also do the trick.

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