Skinny Border Collies

We have a young 2 year old female Border Collie. My problem is she is way too thin. She does not have bad appetite and she eats good dog food. She is so thin that people think I don't feed her. I show this dog in obedience trials and she looks bad. The vet says nothing is wrong with her. I had blood work up done and enzyme test run, both negative. Have you ever seen this in Border Collies? Can any thing be done for her?

This is the so-called "twirpy" Border Collie syndrome. Everyone in the neighborhood thinks you're abusing your dog by not feeding it because it looks so skinny. Heaven help you if they see the dog wet. As long as the dog is eating, is otherwise healthy, the vet says the dog is healthy, and the tests come back fine, then don't worry about it and simply endure the wrath of the neighbors. 30 lbs. for a female Border Collie is quite common. Under 20-25 lbs. and it may be a mixed breed. Healthy, in-shape Border Collies are naturally lithe. Most working Border Collies are nothing but muscle and bones (and brains of course!).

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