Vegetarian Dogs

What is the deal on veggie diets for dogs? Should I thrust my beliefs on my Border Collies or let them be little carnivores?

Dogs are actually omnivores, not true carnivores. However, dogs should not be fed on strict vegetarian diets unless it is the specially packaged commercial dog food. True vegetarian diets (i.e. homemade) do not contain enough of the proper amino acids, vitamin B12, and proteins. The commercial products add them in as supplements.

Besides, the dog's digestive system has evolved to digest mostly meat proteins. Feeding it vegetable sources of protein simply make it work harder for less nutrition. There's no real good reason to do this (unless you're a devout vegetarian {but I doubt your dog is}). Vegetarian diets for dogs are not much more than a fad in this country. Veggies are good for your dog but a total veggie diet is uncalled for.

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