NOTE: Please print this form, complete it, and return it to the address listed at the bottom. Signing and submitting this application does not convey membership into Border Collie Rescue.

NAME: ____________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________

CITY: ______________ STATE AND ZIP: ______________

TELEPHONE NUMBERS (DAY AND EVENING): ________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________

I would like to volunteer for the following activities (check all that apply):

Hours available for volunteer work?________________________________
How did you learn about BCR?____________________________________________
Do you have previous volunteer experience? Yes _____ No _____
Where did you volunteer?______________________________________________
What were your job duties: ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
Besides a love for animals, why do you want to volunteer?
Do you have special skills/talents?_____________________________________
List your previous experience working with animals: ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________
Are there duties you would rather not do?_______________________________

Date:______________ Signature: ________________________________

Office Use Only

Received___________ Contacted____ AC___________ MS_____

Print this application out, sign the completed form and mail to:

Border Collie Rescue
16051 E FM 1097
Willis, TX 77378-4077

Phone: 352-473-0100

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