Rescue Bequests

Including Border Collie Rescue in Your Will

As a person who has already done much for animals, you may want to consider ways of providing for them after your life. More and more people are finding the satisfaction of knowing that their vision for a more humane world and their love for animals can live on. Border Collie Rescue can receive sustaining resources through the wills and bequests of faithful animal lovers like yourself. It can be a large bequest or it can be small. You can name Border Collie Rescue as a sole beneficiary of your estate or you can designate a percentage. However, all are important and all are essential to the creation of a future which is safe and accommodating to the animals.

Setting sun Border Collie Rescue welcomes gifts and bequests from our supporters. If you wish to make a gift to BCR through your will, which will continue to benefit Border Collies and enable the organization to continue to provide programs and services, such as adoption, humane education and this web site, there are various giving alternatives available to you. Of course, Border Collie Rescue also always appreciates outright gifts and bequests which permit us to make investments to earn income on the principal, or to use the principal, if necessary, to carry out our mission. Generally, such gifts are used only for capital projects and equipment, such as the purchase of our new facility. If you would like to know of any specific needs of ours that would fit your giving plans, contact our Executive Director for this information.

Regardless of whether you choose to make a gift in your will or an outright gift to the organization, it is important to know that you must have a will or other contract in order to effectuate your wishes. A letter or a promise is insufficient to ensure that your wishes are carried out. It is also a very good idea to consult an attorney when drafting your will so that all legal requirements are met. You should also be sure to use our correct legal name: Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

Though the thought of needing a will is never a pleasant one, it can be comforting to know that your gift will continue the work of BCR long after you are gone. Those wishing to leave a bequest to Border Collie Rescue should contact a lawyer to discuss how they might make an enduring gift to the dogs of Border Collie Rescue and to support the many programs and services we provide.

Life Insurance As A Gift To Border Collie Rescue

Did you know that you can make a sizable deferred gift to Border Collie Rescue and only spend a fraction of its value doing so? You can take out a "whole life" insurance policy naming Border Collie Rescue as permanent owner and beneficiary and receive a charitable gift tax deduction for the premiums you pay. For instance, if you are 50 years old and purchase a life insurance policy worth $10,000 naming Border Collie Rescue as irrevocable beneficiary, the approximate $350 premium you pay annually can be deducted as a charitable gift from your federal taxes as current law now stands. This type of giving enables the donor to provide a level of support that may well be beyond her/his means as a cash gift, but which is easily attainable via the life insurance/ premium pay route. There are other options along these same lines that may interest you. For example, you also have the option of giving life insurance that you already have in place. We suggest that you contact your tax advisor, estate planner, attorney or insurance agent for more specific information. Or, you may call us at (936) 856-3745, to discuss these ideas further.

Call us at (936) 856-3745 or email us at for more details.

{Border Collie Rescue, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.}

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